Certified Rolfer

Rolfing's purpose is to support your physical transformation into your most aligned and functional self.  Dr. Heather of BodybyHeather has been working with bodies since 1993 and Rolfing since 2005.  Let her experience help you discover your optimal self!

Limited hours due to pandemic. PLEASE WEAR A MASK AND CANCEL IF YOU ARE UNWELL.


Body by Heather

1219 N. Taylor Avenue

OAK PARK, IL 60302

      Tuesday & Sunday

          9am - 3pm    

From sterilizing sheets to  the door handles and frequently touched surfaces, Body by Heather is a safe and clean space. Hepa filter running 24/7 (proven to capture COVID-19 from air). Clients scheduled with space between for air clarifying and cleaning. Clients may be contacted after sessions to insure wellness. All clients will be notified if any possible risk is present for contracting COVID-19.

If you're not well, please reschedule. No cancellation fee.

Not accepting new clients at this time.