True Healer

Heather is a true healer. I've had a lot of body work with several Rolfers and Hellerworkers over the years, and Heather is by far the best. I've noticed that many practitioners enter the non-traditional healing industry as a way to work on and work out their own issues. This is not true of Heather and I think that's what makes her so amazing. She is a clear channel of light through which miraculous changes in my body occurred.

Intelligent Body Work

I thought of the word "intelligent" because Heather considers carefully what is needed and works in exactly those spots to integrate your body. The work is very specific and provides the opposite of a one-size-fits-all experience. Totally worth the investment. She's also a lovely person who gets my jokes - a big plus!

Very effective rolfer/ healer


Heather is a truly gifted healer. I was referred to her when I was having problems with my knee and hip, and have since been relieved of pain and able to get back to the activities I enjoy, like hiking. She is very thorough in finding out how I am feeling and how my body is responding during rolfing sessions. I would recommend her to any of my friends.

Caring and Skilled

I moved from California several years ago and had a hard time finding a Rolfer until I met Heather.  I have a tendency to twist my knees and ankles playing tennis and she re-aligns them for me so I can continue to play!  She also continues to help with my whole body, she keeps me in good mobility so I can keep enjoying sports.  She is a wonderful woman, compassionate, caring and a skilled Rolfer.  Highly recommend.

Miracle Worker

I have only had one session so far, but it was nothing short of miraculous. I broke my shoulder and, after the bone had healed, had very limited and painful mobility. After one rolfing session with Heather, I was able to move my arm up to about 75% of its pre-injury mobility with very little discomfort.

Heather is the REAL DEAL!!!

I have had years of body work, all over the world. Every method and style you can imagine. Never have I found the combination of a body worker who is educated and skillful, experienced and wise, and able to tune into their client and feel what they need. That is, until I found Heather. She goes beyond just a "good" body worker, who has had some training and some years of experience, and really integrates all of that information into a practice that is ultimately rooted in her own intuition, and her ability to feel and listen to what I/my body needs. You will not be disappointed. Whether you see her for one session, or the full 10+ Rolfing series, you will be forever changed.

So Much Relief After One Session!

I finally got tired of living with my back and shoulder pain so I decided to take some action.  I started seeing an acupuncturists and had been getting some massage work done.  I had improved but was still unable to sleep through the night due to the pain.  I set out to find a local Rolfer and came across Heather's website.
Heather was wonderful at identifying what my body needed and really listening to where I was having problems.  She worked to alleviate underlying causes of some pain I had experienced for years in my back and shoulders.  I felt so much relief after one session and a dramatic difference after 3 sessions.  Fascia work is unique and isn't the same as massage.  I definitely plan on going back for more sessions.  This treatment has been a great compliment to other massage work and chiropractic care I am receiving.  This was the missing link!  I can finally sleep through the night pain free.  I can not recommend her enough.  :)

Heather has helped me improve my health tremendously! I find Rolfing to be extremely beneficial because the source of the pain and discomfort is addressed.  My issues with joints, muscles, and nerves have become so much less of a problem.  Heather's extensive knowledge, caring attitude, and willingness to listen are the best aspects of treatments with her.

Say YES to Heather

I can't say enough good things about Heather's work. She has done some Rolfing on me, as well as massage therapy, and I have had an incredible experience in both realms. She is very professional and extremely sensitive to exactly what is going on with me, both physically and emotionally. I have had a lot of this type of work done and have never met anyone as good as Heather. She is a healer, in the true sense of the word. I'm so glad that I take the time to give myself this gift. Yes, yes, yes to Heather.

Great Body Care

I visited Heather 10 times for Rolfing. Heather is warm, caring, and bright. And the treatment space is just lovely. Although I'm not trained to review Rolfing, I have lived in my own body for 56 years and it now works better and feels more fine-tuned. I learned so much about my body through the experience that it's baffling how I ever managed before the treatments. I walk with a better gait, I arranged my desk and chair at work to support a healthier posture, my car seat is adjusted better. I'm a dancer and my salsa teacher says my Cuban motion is that of a 20 year old. I'd like to think I have something to do with that, but Heather can claim her share of the kudos. I will return to Heather for Rolfing and other treatments. You gotta check her out. She's great.

Dr. Heather Corwin and her adept hands have brought me great relief!!  After my first session, I left saying "this is the massage my body has been needing for years".  She is able to release tension in my "stuck" muscles that never seem to want to budge, even after a 90 minute regular massage.  I leave every session standing taller, relaxed and feeling more centered for what's to come.
In addition to her skills as a Rolfer she is an exceptional communicator, letting you know the process and creating an environment where you feel comfortable to relay the perfect amount of pressure needed.   She listens and responds to your every need.  She is kind and so compassionate that you can't help but relax even further while in her care.